Friday, December 30, 2005


wow, i can't believe that tomorrow is new year's eve. i always get kind of sad and excited and sentimental at new years. i don't know why. i just start reflecting on the past year and get teary. almost like having a close friend move away. it sounds silly, but i just feel sad.
i do start getting excited though, thinking of all the possibilities and plans for the new year and get that happy/nervous feeling you get before an "event". as a family we are looking to accomplish a number of things in 2006. cj has plans to record a album, eli is trucking along in preschool, learning and growing EVERY day and we are starting down the path of IVF hoping to add another member to our family. every year we have high hopes of good times and progress, but this year we feel will be a special one.

this past year was really great. in january we hit the sundance film festival, where we were thrilled to see a number of films, but especially 2 shorts shot by our favourite dp (GO DOUG GO). not only did we get to see the films, but we got to eat, sleep and laugh with our best friends doug and emily (BEST TRIP EVER). february brought a trip to las vegas to visit with family, march was filled with lots of paperwork as we started plans to build a new home, april the killers came to town and cj and i discovered tegan and sara who opened for them, may brought a few days at the cabin in b.c., in june we did a round of IUI (nuts, didn't work), july was a holiday month, spending 10 days in los angeles (the beach, hollywood bowl sound of music sing-a-long, sophies piano recital, stan's donuts, good times...) followed by another week at the cabin, august was lazy with a week at the cabin, in september we did another round of IUI (strike 2), october brought the move into our new home (WE LOVE IT), and november took us back to l.a. to see doug and emily of course, and to go to a death cab for cutie show (AMAZING), and now here we are and december is coming to a close, we just got back from las vegas (18-25) and had a lovely time with family.

2005 was a super year for cj. he rang the new year in with the COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE. that was a goal that he made while he was at art center and he achieved it! we were all so proud of him but it didn't stop there, he went on to do another cover for TIME and 2 covers for NEWSWEEK, not to mention the 150+ shots he did for all his regular clients over this year. he was BUSY. cjs work was on newstands every week this year, and sometimes in 3 or 4 different magazines at a time!

sooo, what a great year, she was a good one, and after talking about it and thinking about all the amazing things that happened and places we went, i am ok saying goodbye with a tear in my eye and look forward to 2006. see you then, jb