Friday, September 16, 2011

well this is neat

coming soon to a theatre near you is a film about the big long walk mum and dad are doing!  the trailer looks decent and i recognize some landmarks in the film from pictures mum and dad have sent home to us.

and just incase you haven't looked at their gallery in full, here are a few shots from their journey thus far.

from the notes they have been sending home, i have a feeling this experience will be a life changer for them.  a true pilgrimage.  they are so awesome.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a real long walk

last year at this time mum and dad were walking across england.  this year, they are tackling something extra special.  the camino.  this trail is in spain.  they just finished half of the journey.  i believe the entire trail is about 800 km.  it's kind of crazy but very cool.

you can see photos from the journey right here.  all the photos are under the "camino" albums.

you can learn more about the journey right here.

tell me you wouldn't want to be in their shoes.  truly an experience of a life time.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

happy zucchini

two posts in one day is obnoxious, but i thought what the heck, i haven't posted for a month.

i had to post the beaming back to school eli and the massive zucchini ida and i picked from moms garden this afternoon.  i actually picked 3 of these {nena and sandra come and get one please}.

ida carried hers all the way back to the house like a baby.  one large, green 13 pound baby that i'm going to make zucchini bread out of...

its a wrap

 rockets in the park

 trampoline hair

 the day we left for las vegas.  a picture with mom before she embarks on her pilgrimage.

 CJ summer wig


 grandma with eli and mason

ms. chen!

summer is over.  phewwwww.  we made it right?

i would have to say, summer was pretty much a bust.  it was full of a move and hard things and turmoil.  but it's over, the dust is settling, things are chilling out.  in attempts to try to boost the crappy summer o-meter, we squeezed a quick trip to sweaty las vegas.  it was fun and hot and swimmy and hot. eli loved swimming every day, building up his confidence.  the last day we were there he shed his "life jacket training wheels" and swam across the pool.  it was awesome!  the kids had fun playing with cousins nonstop, spending time with grandma and grandpa, eating and shopping.  we bought shoes for the kids at our favourite PUMA outlet.  eli now wears a mens 8 1/2.  thats half a size smaller than CJ's current shoe collection.  i guess they can start sharing stuff...  

school started today.  it was a sunny, crisp morning.  eli is back in ms. chens class.  he was happy to see his best school buddy max there in his class again.  he was so nervous this morning.  i think he told me a dozen times how nervous and scared he was.  as he was putting on his shoes he said, "i bet there is a lot of crying going on at military school right now.  that kind of school never ends".  random, but not really because the entire time we were in las vegas he was slowly creeping up the "military ranks" set up my mason as they played games in the pool.  i think when we left he was a corporal admiral delta squad 5 star something something....  anyho, all his nervousness dissolved as we walked up to the school and he said hi to friends and saw old teachers.

it's so fun to go back to school?!  no?  just like it is fun to get back into a schedule and bust out the routine.

routine is GOOD.  routine is GOOD.

p.s.  right after we left for las vegas, mom and dad embarked on a pilgrimage of sorts across spain.  i will be posting pics as soon as we get some.  so far all we know is they just hiked over the pyrenees, their packs are too heavy and they are alive.  hurray for being ALIVE!