Saturday, April 21, 2012


wee praire fire

man!  the weather this weekend is great.  so nice to drive around, wash the car, feel the sun on your face.  i forgot what i was going to blog.....

oh, yes, i remember.  the kids love listening to "kids place live" on XM radio (channel 78).  its always chalk full of great music.  the other day they interviewed this sweet kid who made his own arcade.  yes, his own cardboard arcade.  eli and i watched the youtube video associated with him the other night and i have to say, if you need a pick-me-upper, a warm feeling in your heart, a glimpse of goodness in the world, watch the video.  it is precious and wonderful and makes you feel great.  happy weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

hey girl

listen.  i like ryan gosling.  A LOT.  and, i have enjoyed the "hey girl" shtick that has been making its rounds on the old inter web.

i think i just found heaven for all of us crafty ladies out there....

handmade ryan gosling schtick?  yes please.  you may enjoy it now.

3 things

quilt in progress

house in progress

i am sewing.  i am watching the house progress.  i am listening to good music.

here is a great piece of advice.  start going to concerts.  who's music do you love?  go see them.  it is worth it.  it is invigorating.  it is rad.
we saw coldplay last night.  we also saw their show several years ago when they came through calgary. they sounded amazing, the set was great.  chris martin is a genius.  amazing performer.  inspiring.

inspired me enough to buy a plane ticket and make plans to see them again at the hollywood bowl. the venue of venues. it just could be the perfect evening.  i'll let you know may 2.

Friday, April 13, 2012

the blog

i was lamenting about "the blog" tonight.

why isn't it cooler?  prettier?  more with it?  fancier?  up-to-date?  making money?  making a difference why aren't i one of those LDS blogging power players?  attending blogging ho-downs?  advertising?  getting free stuff?

i guess in my mind "burtonsnorth" doesn't really mesh with what i think my blog should be and why i really blog.  my objective is to achieve a pictorial journal of our family's life over the years.  i should/could give more detail and fodder. there are lots of things i like and love and think are neat out there on the world wide web and i guess i could post about that all day long.  but i mean really, do i need to post a mood board with what to wear to a baby shower?  or gifts to buy for the guy that has everything?    nah.

so why do i think it needs to be anything other than what it is?  the bottom line is:  it doesn't!

coming to that conclusion, this evening i had a hoot going back in time and looking at what we were up to last year at this time.  truly, the beauty of "the blog".  tonight i also received a email from a mother in okotoks who suspects her child has FPIES.  she told me she googled "FPIES and CALGARY" and burtonsnorth popped up.  she had questions and concerns about doctors and what our experience was like.  that, my friends, is awesome.  i hope i can help her.

good job little blog.  you are just perfect for me and making a difference.

P.S.  Our dear friends Brad and Holly Cook's daughter Tavi passed away this week.  I can honestly say they are the nicest people we know.  Brad has been there for us, helped us, been concerned for us over the years.  Please check out this site and if you feel inclined, donate.  I promise you it will be completely worth your while.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

back in the saddle

bye guys!

family in malad

eli's annual EEG, tired and sleep deprived pre-test

post test

bonus photo:  ida's magical day at disneyland

it's thursday.  we have been back to reality since tuesday morning when eli headed off to school.  everything is back in full swing.  i like full swing.  it is good to have routine.  

we had a bit of a spring snow fall today which is still coming down as i type.  it may just be a snow day here tomorrow.  the snow greens everything up, great moisture.  just yesterday i busted out my townie and went on a inaugural spring bike ride with ida in tow in the chariot.  it was great.  

we had a really nice spring break.  we stayed with family in utah, nevada and california.  we stopped to see family in idaho.  

we have had 2 deaths happen this past week in our immediate circle of family and friends which has been surprising and sad.  it makes me reflect on my testimony.  it makes me want to be a better person.  it makes me want to strengthen relationships.  it makes me thankful for the gospel of jesus christ.

Friday, April 6, 2012

still trippin'


director of photography doug and his lovely wife emily

pre-easter egg hunt

aunt patrea

as tall as grandma now

grandma kathy
we are the last leg of our trip.  we are back in salt lake city right now.  it snowed last night.  i think we have seen every type of weather over the last 2 weeks.  it has been well rounded in that respect.

because i am crazy about instagram right now, 99% of the photos posted here are from there.  i have a few on my SLR i need to retrieve and post.

lots to blab about.  next post.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

travelling update



salt lake city, utah

st. george, hot rod



cold/windy las vegas morn

yo.  we are in ladera ranch, california.

we have:  driven to and stayed in salt lake city, st. george, utah, las vegas, nevada and ladera ranch, california.
we have:  spent two long, full days at disneyland and california adventure.
we have:  enjoyed beautiful weather and fun times with cousins.
we have:  been invited to a movie premier on monday night up in L.A. ?!?!  how fancy is that?  more on that later...
we have:  eaten delicious sushi and mexican food.

i feel like we have been gone longer than it's really been.  a week and a few days has seemed like a month.  time is weird that way.

more to come...