Saturday, October 15, 2011

go brother flowers

Thursday, October 13, 2011

home again, home again

they made it home.

mum and dad walked through the gates yesterday tired and happy.  it was so, so good to see them.  they had a wonderful experience.  as we got home and turned up their street, all the grandkids were standing on the road with welcome home signs.  they hopped out the car and walked up to the house with them.  what a fitting way to end their trip.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


cardston temple!

perfect travellers!

the infamous malad drive-in!

10 drinks for 3.5 people!



answering questions!

sister price!

sister kendall!


jason + sam!

long lost cousin erin!

salt lake temple!

me and megans circus troupe!


just got back from utah!

c.j. spoke to the photo and fine art students at BYU over a 2 day blab-o-rama.  i went to the last lecture.  it was packed.  there were old missionary companions, friends, family and about 300 students packed into the auditorium ready to listen to c.j. talk about his work, show slides and answer questions.  i enjoyed sitting and listening anonymously and seeing how people responded to his work.  i have to say, he was very impressive.  cool as a cucumber.  full of info and inspiration for everyone there.  i know he really enjoyed the experience, so nice to interact with other creative types.    

the whole night was terrific.  i loved reconnecting with so many people that i hadn't seen in years.  like 15 years.  thanks for the support and making the night great folks.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


well, we got the email this morning saying mum and dad had done it.  they were finished.  they had arrived in santiago do compostela.  dad got there, took off his hiking boots and socks and left them for another that might need them.  i am not sure what he has on his feet now since they packed light.  maybe he is bare foot! who knows.  still waiting for a detailed update of their last day.  i am sure they are just relaxing and possibly looking for a new pair of shoes.

the other day i was at lunch with nena.  i was rummaging through my purse and before i knew it, ida had grabbed a lipstick and was applying it vigorously.  i had just bought the lipstick, not realizing it was a "pro long wear type".  once on, it was ON.  that little lady had bright orange lipstick on all day and into the night.  i can now attest to the staying power.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

sheesh, it's october...

sorry.  this has been a bit of blogging black hole it seems.

we have been getting into the routine that is "back to school" and "extra-curricular activities".
eli is taking piano again with sister ruggles.  he is loving it.  he is also taking private swimming lessons. this has been a really good thing for him.  he is excelling.  it is coming together for him.  it is so fun to watch him progress. cubs is back in full swing.  his cub shirt is too small, the arms are too short and so is the body.  he looks like a big kid in a small dress shirt.  i am going to have to cut all the badges off and get a bigger top.

ida is going to kindermusik classes with glenda evans.  6 years ago, i was taking eli to her same class.  SHE LOVES IT.  the music, the dancing, the instruments.  she giggles and smiles and bursts at the seams.  i also enrolled her in a gymnastics class in cochrane through the university of calgary.  its top notch.  she goes crazy for that too.  it's a really good fit.

besides that, c.j. was just made the elders quorum president for our ward.  what a blessing.  i really feel like this will be a good thing for him.  you are always happier when you are serving others.  getting out of your own head space.  stepping out of your box.  i am excited for him and the quorum and the things they will do and accomplish.

and on a "camino" note, mum and dad are literally 10 km away from finishing the camino.  i facetimed them the other day and they are great!  i can't wait to see their final pics.  i am sure a big fat cry will be in order.  such a journey deserves one.  they have been disconnected for over a month from the silly junk of life and have just walked.  thought.  observed.  hurt.  pushed.  they say it's been an amazing trip.

at the highest point of the trail, there is a tall post.  pilgrims for a 1,000 years have placed a stone or memento at this place.  the other day they sent pics showing the piece of slate they place there at the very top of the mound. they had etched all the grandkids names on it.  i boobed of course.  it was touching to me.  super proud of them. enjoy the pics.