Friday, October 31, 2008

and the winner is...

nena.  the article was about contributions by gay interest groups to politicians and their influence.  


let's look at chuck sitting on a pile of cash, fishing, instead of thinking about the election, shall we?  let's get happy people.

today i volunteered at elis school all morning.  i even got to go outside and supervise at lunch time.  conclusion:  kids are nuts.  for 40 minutes all i witnessed was aimless running and screaming.  now who wouldn't want a lunch break like that?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

change you can believe in

go obama go.


last weeks work.  
{shot #2 was for TIME magazine.  props goes to whoever can tell me what the article was about. hint: it's political and a hot button.  the picture will run in TIME in canada and the states on friday and we will see who's guess is correct.  get your noggins thinking...}

in the dead of night...

just took eli to the bus stop.  7 am here {especially in the fall/winter months} is like you have gotten up at 3 am and have decided to get dressed, eat breakfast and then go stand in an open field to wait for the bus. it is pitch black out. just like the middle of the night.  so weird.

speaking of 3 am, i did wake up last night around that time and couldn't sleep, so i started reading some blogs. after about an hour of nothing too interesting, i started reading chuck and sandras archives on their old mac blog.  
man, kids grow up fast.  their kids all looked young and chubby and innocent. 

then i happened on this:

ahhhh, what an angel! the smile, the eyes, the red hair gently, softly orbiting around her head....

then, i saw the next picture:

wha?!?  what had happened??? i started to laugh.  uncontrollably.  the kind of laughing that only happens in the middle of the night, when you are really tired.  it was just such a juxtaposition, her hair, her hair.  HER HAIR WAS, AMAZING.

all i can say is:

1.  thanks for the laugh, i hadn't belly laughed like that for a long, long time.
2.  you better watch her chuck and sandra.  if that is what she looks like in the morning you better ask her what she was doing all night!  hunting prey in the forest with a pack of wolves? escaping from Alcatraz? planing a revolution? mopping the floors of the local high school gym? WITH HER HAIR?!?

Monday, October 27, 2008

i *heart* diarreha

weekend over.
highlights:  guys took little boys to a hockey game
                     dinner at friends
                     quinns birthday party
halloween is this week, isn't it? do i have a costume for eli yet? no.  

he is home from school today, spending a lot of time on the toilet {if you know what i mean...} poor dude had the flu about a week and a half ago and had the same type of thing going on, for several days i might add.  i think todays problem is the grocery store sushi that was purchased on saturday, eaten on sunday night...  wow, doesn't that sound good?  eek.

back to the costume.  eli wants to be a mummy this year.  i have all the junk here to make the costume and maybe today is the day to do it with him here and all... 

c.j. and i watched "young frankenstein" the other night.  gene wilder.  the dudes hair in that movie is so awesome.  it is seriously parted right above his ear on one side and completely swooped to the other side making it the hugest comb-over you have ever seen.  he also seems to be yelling the entire film, yes, it's a classic.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

for your viewing pleasure

folks, may i introduce, "SPACED".

over the weekend we stopped in at Rogers and rented a bunch of films for the weekend.  as fans of "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead" c.j. had heard about a 2 season series called "Spaced" that was shot in 1999 and 2001.  basically, the show is the seed if you will of the previously mentioned films.  this series was also shot before the british "office" was a hit, which of course spun into our american version of the same show (b-rate)...  i am convinced that all that is funny hails from britain.  
all i am going to say is go rent it, go buy, go watch it.  it is really, really good. 

i found the best 30 second sample of it on youtube, but was not able to embed it, so try going here and take a taste.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

music of the day

music is always playing in our house.  

getting elis lunch ready in the kitchen this morning, one of our favourite bands began to play. the innocence mission.  c.j. knew of them long before i ever did {he is the music savvy one}. 
i remember on one of our trips down to l.a., he picked up an innocence mission album called "now the day is over" for eli.  best.  album.  ever.  so tender.  such perfectly selected songs.  just beautiful.   {go buy it}

after eli got off to school, i hopped onto youtube, looking for a perfect innocence mission tidbit to share with you.  i found this gem.  

one of my most very favourite innocence mission songs, "Rowing on the Lakes of Canada" covered by one of my very most favourite singers, Sufjan Stevens.  imagine my surprise!  i yelled up to c.j. telling him of the treasure i had found.  when he came down a few minutes later, he found me sitting at the kitchen table watching and weeping.  hope you enjoy it.

p.s.  the french fellow who filmed the video let's one slip at the very beginning, sorry...

Monday, October 20, 2008

details, pumpkins + new work

what a lovely reception! so great to hear from everybody! 

i got a few congrats and questions regarding our little girl.  i am due january 17th.  i took a picture a month ago with my iphone to send to emily and its the one of the only pics i have going on.  enjoy that... har har

c.j. has been doing some interesting work lately.  i really like what is going on with the "evening cow" shot...

last night c.j. and eli carved pumpkins.  c.j. had eli sketch possible faces for his pumpkin before they carved and the face he finally chose was the happiest of all.  good for him.  i am going to try to put together a mummy costume for eli this year.  he has been reading a book about mummies and thought it would be fun.  maybe we will all be ghoulish monsters for the occasion.  

just ate tostadas for supper = stuffed.  looking at a long night of heartburn.  party on.

coming back home

alright, i know this is lame, but after having problems and frustrations with my iweb program (sorry apple...) i have decided to come back to my original blogging home, blogger.  i was struggling with iweb and didn't want to have to click a million times to read a full entry or get to pictures.  what you see is what you'll get with this format.  easy sleazy lemon breezy.  

i am glad to be back.  it has been fun cruising through the archives of this old blog, lots of good times forgotten about.  i believe that it will be almost 2 years since i wrote here, so i hope that through the link from my mac blog i will see some of the old readers back.

around our house, we are coming to the realization that soon our little bebe will be here. clothing has been bought, the crib is up, a baby blanket has been stitched,  a blessing dress is hanging in the closet.  she is going to truly going to make us all so happy.  the kind of happy that brings tears to our eyes and be so grateful.  we were able to see her the other day via ultrasound and her little profile looks just like elis, a cute little turned up nose.  probably just like what every kid looks like in vitro, but we can start imagining.