Monday, July 31, 2006


i love turquoise. the color, the stone, just everything about it. turquoise reminds me of aunt ruth and of southern utah. it is just earthy to me. i love big turquoise jewelery, chunky stones set in silver.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

keep your eyes peeled

this thursday on city tv, cj will be on their morning show (the big breakfast? or breakfast t.v.?). a 5-7 minute segment with the hosts talking with cj about what he does, his clients, his process. it should be fun.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

cj's latest

the shot with the lady sleeping is the ANA Airlines job, kind of bland, not too CJ, but that is what they wanted.

the black and white shot is the ceo of a company called Fish Bowl, a restaurant marketing firm, he is portraying a fictional character called Travis McGee, a private eye that lives on a houseboat in florida. cj flew to washington, d.c over the weekend and shot him at a studio there. this shot is for INC Magazine.

the rest are just images for a smattering of magazines, that i can't remember, but you can probably figure out which ones go with which, there is usually a theme running through them.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

the fence is movin along

check this bad boy out, it is coming along! great job jeff and cj!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

yard work

oh, what a tiring weekend. we are building a fence in our backyard, jeff is helping us, it is a complicated fence, pretty much custom, not our choosing, but the neighbour 2 houses down. we like the look of it, it is just hard to build...
friday night the same neighbour who chose the fence had a pallet of sod left over and wanted to know if we wanted it..... um,, OK! it was a totally impulsive decision, that got us digging in our front yard, trying to smooth out the rough places, you know, all the pre-work that goes into laying sod, we started at about 7:30 at night and just went for it.
we layed the rest of the front sod this morning, it looks great.
jeff came over this morning as well and started working on the fence. the rest of the shots are of what cj and jeff got done and their great tanlines.
we brought elis desk out into the garage at first this morning, then moved it into the backyard, so he could color and have fun while we worked.
we are all sunburned and pooped.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

more stampeding

we actually had a really good time at the stampede, we left last night at 11:30, it was clear and beautiful, just a perfect evening and we all agreed that we did the stampede and made some good memories. it was so fun cheering for the chuckwagon races, we played all the un-winable carny games and managed to bring home a few cruddy stuffed animals, we ate the food, and we just felt like it was a real full day of good times. so long stampede, we will see you next year! ya-HOO!

stampede '06

yahoo! eli and i decided to hit the stampede this year, it had been many moons since i had been and i figured eli was old enough to enoy and keep up with the back breaking, sweaty pace of carnival rides, farm animals and line ups at womens washrooms.
the first folks we saw were 3 mounties cruising the grounds, so we snaged them and the gladly posed for a picture, next stop cows, pigs, sheep, and eli even pet a goat.
we hit the superdogs. the old fellow that was running the show was in a long bright yellow suit and a wee bit flambouyant for my tastes. a couple of times during the show with all the dogs, the trainers and hoopla, i thought i was watching "best in show", a top-notch movie, but am i really seeing this with my own eyes?!?! anyways, good times, eli thought it was exciting and the dogs were really... super. (hee hee)

Monday, July 10, 2006

saturday is day 1

so, i was looking through my iphoto and came across this picture i scanned of eli at probably 5 months old. it was just before we moved from south pasadena and he was small and rolly and so perfect. i am starting the drugs again on saturday to start our process of transferring 2 of the embryos that we have frozen. i have to admit, i am nervous and wierded out a little, kind of sentimentally sad, and excited. just alot of feelings, excited, because i am pretty sure it will work, and it won't be the 3 of us anymore, and sad because it won't be the 3 of us anymore?... do you know what i mean? it is just like before eli was born there was a strange transition of feeling like it wasn't just the 2 of us anymore. maybe it is because it was just us for so long together, and now it has been just the 3 of us for 4 1/2 years, it just will be another transition, a happy one, a little sad to see that little era leave, i always get emotional about seeing things pass away... it is just wierd.
this picture just reminds me of how much i love eli, how much he has enriched my life, how much i love someone and care for someone more than anything in the world, he is special, he is happy, he is a real blessing to me.
so, this time next month, we will do the transfer, and 2 weeks later, we will know what direction our lives will be taking. it is kind of wierd planning things this way, i think that is what is making me think alot about things lately. hard to describe..
enjoy the pic.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

post hole blues

ok, the last time we built a fence, we dug the holes, it rained.... um, i see a pattern here, we dug our holes yesterday, it is raining today... i am going to call it the "post hole rain dance".

i feel like my entries have been a little dry lately on the yaking on end of things, i will get things together and it should get better soon.

Monday, July 3, 2006


here a a few more pics from the week, some fun ones from out at banff, the l.a. temple, we went and saw superman at the chinese theatre in hollywood with a bunch of emilys friends on friday night and afterward got shakes and fries,, and emily at the ivy on her birthday. whoo-hoo!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

full week

what a terrific week we have had here! on sunday kathy and patrea (cjs mom and sister) came up to calgary from las vegas for a visit! the last time they were here together was 10 years ago at our wedding reception so it was nice to have the two of them here! we had a great time, we went to banff, walked through the banff springs hotel and did something we had never done before, ride up the tram, it was very high up and kind of freaky, but we made it. cj took them to the royal tyrell museum and they just had a great time.

on thursday i jumped on a plane to l.a. to spend the weekend with emily, her birthday was that same day and we whooped it up by having lunch at "the ivy", went to a couple of movies, shopped at tiffanys and spent some time in malibu at zuma beach, where i got crapped on by a seagull, ha ha ha, what are the odds?!?!.... anyho, the crap in my hair promted a quick trip into the ocean to wash out my hair and have a good laugh. i had a great time, very relaxing, and lots of laughs.

cj made one trip to the airport today to drop of kathy and patrea and pick me up. cj has a HUGE week this week and we will all soon see nena and jeff on the cover of NEWSWEEK standing together in a barrel. keep your eyes peeled, they look great!