Thursday, May 26, 2011

just because. {i secretly wish i was there to dance and sing along}

when there's a burning in your heart...



post show

now, go get yourself a copy of the album.  

rapture weekend

smoking deal, 3 balls for 1$

eli is really enjoying that hot dog...

it was the weekend of paper glasses.  cj made many pairs for the kids...

ida's easter treat from grandma and grandpa burton, silky princess pj's and wand

eli's easter treat from grandma and grandpa burton, books books books!  he was in heaven

we spent may long weekend at the cabin.  the weather was amazing.  hot and sunny and sun-burny. we ate delicious food, the kids ran around like crazy, we celebrated jeff's 38th birthday with a ice cream cake from DQ that said "happy rapture day, heff", none of us made the rapture {nuts}.  we are really going to miss sitting around the cabin with family chattin', fartin', eatin', laughin', cryin', burpin', yellin'.

family times are good times.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


easter morning.  the kids had a hearty breakfast of chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.

i heard ida clunking through the house the other day.  she had on my jcrew pumps, eli's cub hat and her toy horse.

emily's visit!  we went out to the cabin overnight, stopped in banff for supper, went to a movie and relaxed at a pedicure.  so fun.


earls with nena!

we have had some great times over the last month.  easter was slightly stressful with the kids sick, but they had fun easter egg hunting around the house.  then mothers day came.  i got the greatest handwritten scroll from eli.  it stated:


1.  I love my mom because she gives me kisses that warm my heart.
2.  I love my mom because she gives me hugs that warm my heart.
3.  I love my mom because she is a heart warming mom.
4.  I love my mom because she is the best baker in the world.
5.  I love my mom because she talks really nice, not really mean.
6.   I love my mom because she bakes really good food.
7.  I love my mom because she is a really good smiler.
8.  I love my mom because she tells me really good jokes that warm my heart.
9.  She is the loveliest singer.
10.  I love my mom because she is the friendliest in the family.

i got a real good kick out of the reasons.  apparently i am "heart-warming" to the max. hilarious. 

then last week-ish emily came into town like a vision.  we had so much fun and it was seriously the greatest distraction from all of our daily lives.  in fact, it was SO much distraction that, the day she left, we pretty much sold our house.  HA HA!  DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?!  yes, the day she left we had a random showing of the house {that we agreed too early in morning, then actually called to cancel because we felt so unprepared and then said, sure whatever when our realtor said that the people were from out of town}.  later that night, we got a call from our realtor saying we had an offer.  BIZZZZZARRO.

we have to out of the house by august 15th.  do you know what that means? we have a whole heck of a lot to do. we have pretty much decided to sell everything we own and move down with the clothes on our backs.... sooo, look for the massive garage sale on kijiji in the next few weeks.  

we are scared.  we are nervous.  we are excited.  we are freaked out.  we'll get through it.  

right now we are at the cabin for may long weekend and jeffs "rapture" birthday celebration.  i will get things going on tuesday for this mooooove when we get back.  we have had a really great weekend so far.  we are certainly going to miss the luxury of the cabin and good old fashioned family party times. tear, tear, tear   


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

shout for joy

i lied, worked on this today and thought i would share.

this little miracle happened last week.  if you think i sound like a nut screaming, that's ok. you'd be screaming too. eli's been working on riding his bike.... for a while... 

you're awesome e.  keep riding.


you know what?  emily came to my house on friday.  she left yesterday.  we had lots of fun.  perfect friend therapy.  

i have a lot to blog. but i need to wait a couple of days.  i will blab on friday.  i am behind on pics, i am behind on stories, i am behind on things.  so i will prep for friday and just puke it up all then.  old puke, like, puke from easter puke.  it's gunna be awesome puke.  look forward to the puke.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lady day

this is late.  better late than never.

happy mothers day sandra! lisa! stacey! emily! patrea! mame! kathy! angie! megan! denise! sam! julie! sherie! bethany! anna! kim! and every other awesome lady i know.


Friday, May 6, 2011

a bit of sunshine

this week we finally had some half decent weather.  it probably snowed somewhere in there and rained and was windy, BUT the sun "out-shone" the other random weather systems.  ida and i actually went to the park in celebration.  she marched around the playground and i got a sunburn.  {my nose is actively peeling now, next will be my forehead.}

showings on our house have been slow.  with the weather warming up the backyard looks terrible.  dirt and rocks, uneven and yucky.  we have hired someone to get it whipped into shape.  at least we will be able to enjoy it during the summer.

eli has been going back to iStar {speech therapy for a stutter that started in kindergarten}.  oddly enough, the week i took him back, he began talking smooth as silk {we hadn't been since 2009.  i notice he had started bumping again so i thought a refresher would be beneficial}.  when we went to our session today miss elizabeth {eli's therapist} asked him to speak with another little boy who was coming in for a session right after us.  he was 6 and could hardly talk.  she wanted eli to tell him his story and show him that things will work out and he will progress with his speech by learning the skills taught at iStar.  it was touching to sit there at the little table and have eli introduce himself, tell him about his stutter and talk to him about how he has overcome this challenge.  he was clear and kind.  the little boys parents sat in the other room so there wasn't a big overwhelming crowd for this exchange.  it was a very intimate moment.  when we left, we walked by the room where the parents were and i couldn't help feeling for them.  it's hard to see your kid struggle through things.

here is great thing about eli and challenges that he has faced thus far:  it never phases him.  it's almost like it doesn't occur to him that the situation could make him sad or frustrated or shut him down.  he just proceeds forth carefree and happy and willing.  it is impressive to watch and experience with him as i am usually his companion at appointments.  he lends a hand at speech therapy, thinks physiotherapy is fun and exciting and hasn't batted an eye since we discovered that he seems to be losing the hair on his head?!?! {still figuring that one out, i'm sure he is fine}.  he is an inspiration to me.  i love him so much.

ok.  enough blabbing.  the weekend starts.... now.

p.s.  click here to see a terrific link to watch a short video about iStar.  very inspirational and could benefit anyone with a stutter.  it is amazing to see the transformation.  either click on the windows or quicktime version and enjoy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

someone more adventurous than i

thought i would pass this along.

my uncle don and 4 of his 8 kids just hiked to everest base camp.  kind of amazing?  an understatement.

here is the link to her blog.... enjoy her adventure and some pics!