Friday, July 22, 2011


disclaimer:  i probably should be documenting this as i hope and pray we are never this unhappy/frustrated/tormented ever again.

we have sold our house.

we have decided not to move to the states {!?!?!?!}

why have we made this decision after selling our house/spent thousands of dollars obtaining my green card/living our lives like we are about to move for the last 2 years {!?!?!?!}  good question.  does it really matter at this point in time?


i know it sounds completely mental.  frankly, that is exactly how we both feel right now.  mental.  and because we feel mental every daily decision is worried over, scrutinized and second guessed.  it is just about the worst possible place you can be.  MEGA-SELF CONSCIOUS-MENTAL-LIMBO.  

that being said {the above was written at least 24 hours ago....},

today we feel great.  we have made the decision to stay and we feel like we have a whole new lease on life.  new outlook!  new zest!  a sense and deep appreciation for what we have!  we are staying!  we are living!  we are happy and calm!  life is good.

let's start enjoying it.

calgary, alberta, you are a good place.  let's be best friends.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

all kinds of packing

these two are done grade 3 & 4 respectively.  took them out to lunch on their last day.  growing up.

i have been packing this week.  the house looks crazy, but i swear i know what is going on with every random pile and mound.  i have 24 boxes packed with precision.  eli's room is done.  bonus room - done.  i'm about 75% done with the kitchen.  it is a time consuming and interesting process.

i took a break from the packing process on monday to take ida to the ER at the children's hospital. there, we discovered she had been doing some packing as well.  the doctors pulled a black WESTJET foamy earbud cover out of her left nostril.  i think it had been up there at least a week and a half.  it was one of the grossest things i have had to witness and help her through.  the pictures above were taken about 15 minutes after the removal.  a hospital popsicle made things all better.  we met eli and cj for pizza to celebrate.  i guess that was our 4th of july celebration now that i think of it.  who says you need fireworks to make the day memorable?