Thursday, August 31, 2006

since monday

to say cj has been busy this week is an understatement. these are illos he has done since monday...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


hey ho, just a note, our little embryo experiment didn't work out this time. like i said, maybe it will work, maybe it won't.
anyways, we'll regroup in the new year.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

framing + painting

so, this last week, i have been slowly finishing my "kyoto flower" paint-by-number from Weego Home. i love it. the only part i have left on it is the white outline around everything needs to be painted a beigy color that came with the kit. i think it will look great once it is complete. i has been alot of fun.

cj also taught me the fine art of matting and framing artwork yesterday, and i have been MADLY matting everything i own. i turned our front room into workshop central, brought a table in, got some new blades and started cutting. i have had a closet FULL of frames and prints to put on the walls, but alas, they are not framed, so i really went for it last night and today and got a bunch done. it is really satisfying to cut a mat precisely and get something framed. so now i can finally enjoy things on the walls, they will look so good. i can't wait to see everything up.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


this summer chuck bought a sweet "vermont castings" bbq. so when dave said there was a smaller version, we went for it and bought one too. our VERY FIRST BBQ. we love it. it cooks good food. all hail the BBQ.

so, this morning after a strange wind storm last night that lasted about an hour, i opened the blinds, looked down and our brand spanking new bbq was teets up off the deck. WHAT?!?
my first thought was vandalism, then the wind, no it couldn't possibly be the wind, vandals... hmmm, well we decided it was the wind indeed.
it took jeff and cj to lift it out of the chasm it had fallen in. the bbq rolled from beside the little white table, past the 4 flimsy lightweight chairs and off the deck.
the cover saved the day, there was a huge rip in it, but the bbq, i am happy to report, was unscathed!
Hurray! i was certain it would be all dented up, looking crappy for all time.

this afternoon, eli and cj went for a walk down in bowness, i have include a shot from that adventure.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

latest work + interview

here is a piece that "New Science Magazine" from the UK wanted cj to shoot, it is about addiction, they wanted the same type of look as the sheep shot that i am sure you have all seen. if you haven't seen it, go to and check out cjs online portfolio.
i have also included a link to cjs breakfast television interview a few weeks ago. enjoy!

nena + good house keeping

nena and carson did a fine job for cjs good house keeping shoot. the article is about multitasking.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

embryos away

ok, i am just throwing it out there, this might work, it might not. we had our embryo transfer today. they thawed 2 out and they both survived, so we didn't lose any in the thawing out stage. one was 5 cells big and the other was 7 cells big. they said they both looked great and viable. the transfer was done, i had to lay there for 10 minutes and then they moved me to another lounge chair where i layed for another 30 minutes. in the meantime cj took goofy pictures and laughed with our nurse.
august 30th is the test date to see if these little guys will decided to stay, like i said, this might work, it might not.
so, 16 days and counting..... YA-HOOOOOOO!

Monday, August 14, 2006

hand foot mouth + doug

check it out. we have had a fun and wacky week/weekend.

we got back from edmonton on monday, having a great time, and floated through till thursday night, where poor eli came down with a sudden and very hot fever. thats odd. maybe it is a reaction to his immunization he had on the 2nd..... anyho, we fought that till early morning saturday when it finally broke, fwhew, seems to be fine, oh, a rash on the back of his legs, hmmmm... and his glands seem to be swollen...
in the meantime, our bestest friend doug flew in from vancouver, where he was shooting commercials (very witty i might add).
we had lots of fun with doug, more cj than me, i spent most of the weekend with eli just laying around, taking it easy.
saturday rolled around and cj and doug took eli to the childrens hospital to get checked out, he seemed to be more swollen in the mouth and neck, he was really sad, just plain sick. they called me (at the foothills hospital), i was there with mom all night due to the pain in my leg (thank you mom), and told me eli had hand, foot and mouth disease... WHAT?!?! where the heck did he get that????
hmmm.... lets think.... oh, ya, the waterpark at west edmonton mall. NASTY.

poor dude. of course HE got that rotten virus.

today is monday. cj took doug to the airport, eli is getting better, my leg still hurts, but hopefully will settle with the dose change with the IVF meds.
the clinic called today and told me my embryo transfer time, 12:30 on tuesday, the 15th, ya, tomorrow, holy crap, it is here.

we had a great time with doug, so glad he came, we have experienced hand, foot and mouth disease, hopefully eli will never get that again, and hopefully i won't have to go through this hormone process again anytime soon... yuck. i am not complaining, just not enjoying the process, ha ha.

the fellows came today to start work on our deck in the back. it will be great. we had all this gravel to move to the back tonight and dad, aaron and jeff helped cj move it, thank you SO MUCH. it is very appreciated.

this entry feels kind of choppy, but it is a choppy day.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006


hey! we went to edmonton this weekend. hey! we like edmonton. i know, coming from calgary, it is a mortal sin to admit that you have been there, or even like the place, but we had a really nice time driving around in the beautiful weather, walking down whyte avenue (maybe white, i can't remember). our hotel was downtown on the river, the mall was fun, everything was just super. we had a great little family holiday, close to home and about a day and a half long.
we even bumped into the cichy crew and spent the afternoon with them at the waterpark in the mall. so much fun.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006


when was the last time you had a toasted english muffin with a smear of strawberry jam?
man, i haven't had that in a long time, it was just so good this morning, i had to post it.