Thursday, April 27, 2006

gaudy goody

oh boy, welcome to the world of really ugly cakes.... ok, last night was our final night at cake decorating class. the main focus was making the "Wilton Rose" (see the 4 purple cabbages on the top of the cake, ha ha). super cheesy in my book, but i was able to make the four you see.
i think a few things went wrong here:
1. for some reason, i was possessed and brought THE ugliest mix of colours to class.
2. roses just aren't my thing, so that kind of threw me off.
3. i went crazy with the leaf tip and decided to delve into the world of ferns, ha ha.
4. it is just 100% ugly. it just got to a point where i just decided to kick it up a notch and go really ugly.
5. i think it was just poor planning on my part as far as the layout, the colours and deciding that i would actually put those crazy flowers on the cake.

ah well, it was a good way to go out, i learned alot and had a good time with sandra and lisa! thanks!
by the way, i love elis expression, he is not too sure about the cake either and if you want to see what MY cake should of looked like, go to chuck and sandras blog.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

catching up

hey ho, i haven't posted for a few days, but we have had some good times, so here we go!

friday night was a birthday party for Chuck at mum and dads, conveniently enough it was also the 1st game of the playoffs, so we all threw on our Flames gear and had a party! hot dogs, nachos, pop and a Flames ice cream cake topped the evening off. good times, we had the kids line up at the door to check how much they have grown, eli is officially the tallest of the bunch. of course the FLAMES WON! GO FLAMES GO! what a great gift they gave Chuck for his birthday, ha ha.

saturday night, cj and i went down to SAIT to their on campus lounge and saw Pilate. they are so amazing and we had a nice time, their new album is coming out on the 25th of April (2 days from now), can't wait. we were on the front row, so it was terrific. they just released their old album in the states and if you go to itunes all the reviews are amazing, so GO PILATE! make canada proud! they said they are coming back in june, so all you all who want to see them, keep your eyes peeled and get tickets! thanks to dave and lisa who watched eli for the evening!

so that is about it, just a weekend of fun events. the flames play again tonight so everybody throw on your shirt and cheer'em on!!!! WHOOOOO! GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

cake #2

ok, here she blows, cake #2. last night we learn about making shells (see the green edging around the bottom of the cake). we also learned about a star flower and swirl flower (if you look around the top edge, you should be able to see the difference in the flowers, i hope)
she also taught us how to make a clown on the top of our cake, but i am not too into the whole clown scene, so i declined. they did look cute though. a little too much lardy icing for my tastes....

Monday, April 17, 2006

more easter

happy easter everyone! we had a nice weekend painting eggs, hunting for eggs and eating eggs (in the form of salads, sandwiches and scramblers). sunday, after church we were able to go out to mom and dads for a very tasty meal, ham, wings, salads, veggies, pasta, pies-apple, cherry and lemon. very nice day.

the shot of nena and jeff is to commemorate their 7th anniversary, happiest of happys!
the shot of mom with aunt lee ann and aunt denise is of them singing, it sounded so nice and lots of fun to hear them sing again!

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

by the way, i had a funny experience with a gal at my cake decorating class. she was saying she was making her cake for easter and that her mom would think she was a heathen. i asked why, she said her mom thought it was awful to celebrate the fact that jesus died. i said to her, well doesn't she know he was resurrected? that he rose again? she kind of looked at me funny and that was that. i am so glad i know that truth of the gospel. happy easter everyone.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cake #1

a right, here is the 1st cake that i decorated in my cake decorating class. last night we learned to use the star tip and to write on a cake. i just winged it and this is what i came up with. sandra and lisa did really cute rainbows on their cakes.
when eli saw it, all he wanted to do was eat it. i don't think it will be very good, the cake took twice as long to cook as the instructions and by the time i got it out, it was rock solid.... maybe next weeks cake will be better...

Saturday, April 8, 2006

the zoo

yesterday, cj left the studio early and we drove down to the zoo to renew our annual passes. i was lots of fun, the weather was nice and we got the bonus of seeing the baby hippo! it was really really cute, and well worth the visit. it looks big in the photos, but compared to 2 other hippos in there (the baby's grandparents) she is so tiny. i guess she is here until easter, then she will be sent back to quebec were she is from (they are building a new habitat there, so that is why she is visiting here until the construction is done). it was so worth seeing her.

afterward, in our quest to hit some new restaurants this year, we made reservations at the Sukiyaki House on 10th. We had heard rave reviews..... the atmosphere was kind of fun, but the food we ordered was disgusting. I ordered Teriyaki Chicken, CJ ordered Teriyaki Steak. We were kind of expecting something benihana-ish.... but i got a plate with a flattened-out cross section of chicken on it, i am not even sure what section it was, the skin was still on it and it was still kind of pinkish uncooked, the other form of food on the plate was a bagged salad with dressing on it, i could hardly eat the salad because i had to look at the weird form of chicken that was touching the salad on the plate. CJ's meal came, a fatty steak, boiled carrots and FRENCH FRIES??? are we in a japanese restaurant??? IS this the place aaron almost died in??? did we order the wrong items??? it was such a bummer, we complained but it fell on deaf ears, needless to say, we will never go back.

We left there unsatisfied if not semi-nauseated and decided to go find The Three Amigos (the movie). we have been talking about it for awhile and cj could never find it to rent. so we went to Best Buy and found it, drove home, watched a little, then hit the sack.

All in all it was a fun evening, go see the hippo before she is gone. by the way, the hippo in the giraffe picture is the grandma to the baby, the baby is hiding behind the grandma in the picture.

Friday, April 7, 2006

new site for cj

check it out! cj just launched his new website, everybody take a look, his work in print section is my favourite as you can look at the tear sheets for select clients all on one page, very clever.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

the 6 o'clock wall

tonight, eli and i were in the den, i was at my computer and eli was coloring behind me. after a few minutes, i noticed i couldn't hear him coloring anymore, the little crayon sounds, so i turned around and there he was, asleep in his desk. what a sweet pea.
at about 6:00 pm every night, poor e becomes so drowsy that sleep is almost inevitable.