Thursday, May 17, 2012


over the last week, c.j. went down to los angeles to celebrate brother inlaw aarons graduation from USC dental school.  while he was there, he took a side trip to catalina with his brother spencer.  they like to dive, they like to make movies.  enjoy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

last moments of mothers day

just finished putting the kids to bed.

every night ida is a different animal.  tonight she was a piggy.  for some reason when she is a piggy she sucks her thumb and snorts funny.  the other night she was king kong.  this means she says "whoo-haaa" in a low gruff voice, then crawls around on her bed like a monkey, walking on her knuckles.  then sometimes she is a puppy, meaning a lot of rolling around, wagging her "tail" and licks on my cheeks.  in the meantime, eli is usually over in his bed blabbing up a storm.  it's bits and pieces of his day.  random thoughts, omissions, questions, confessions, concerns.  every few minutes i have to tell him "GOODNIGHT!  PUT YOUR RETAINER BACK IN AND GET TO SLEEP!".

i love them, i love them, i love them.  kids, you made my mothers day complete.  

love her mother

probably the best advice ever given.

happy mothers day ladies.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


it's mothers day weekend.  it's really about the kids right?  they get excited about putting something together at school,  something they can proudly present to you as you pick them up on a friday afternoon.  they just can't wait till sunday.  today eli gave me a small plastic cup with a tiny sprout growing in it.  "it's a sunflower mom!".  hey thanks eli, i love it.  a homemade card also accompanied it with thanks for letting him stay up late? snuggling him in bed and making him popcorn.  it's the small things, eh?

thank goodness for the kids.  they keep me in line, they keep me on my toes. they have cheeks for me to kiss, hands to hold and hugs to give and take.


this is my mom.  she is a great example to me in a myriad of ways.  she's a dynamic individual.  i appreciate her influence in my life on a daily basis.  happy mothers day mom.  thanks for letting me stay up late and making me popcorn too.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012


First of all...

halloween quilt, 99% done
sundays are great.  i see them as a giant, red reset button prepping you for another week of your life.  i shave my legs, tidy things up, do a load of laundry of odds and ends, hit church, take the sacrament, refocus on important things, look at the calendar, take a walk, etc, etc...

today we got home from church, ate, then i finished the last few stitches on my halloween quilt top that i mentioned yesterday.  the fabric in this quilt is terrific. when i was a kid, vincent price hosted a show on PBS called mystery!  i remember watching the intro which was animated by edward gorey and being completely captivated and slightly spooked.  when i discovered this fabric i had to have it.  it reminded me so much of being a kid.  i thought it would make a great halloween quilt, something i can pull out in the fall, use on the couch to snuggle up under and watch movies.

alright, i'm ready for this week.  it will be a full one.

p.s.  i found the intro i was talking about on youtube, enjoy!  {anyone else remember this??}

Saturday, May 5, 2012

here's what happened this week...

ida not cooperating in ballet class...

quilt for nixon cook

los angeles

Calgary West Stake Cub Car Rally, 5th Place

Yes, that is ELI in alien on the side of his car...  it says BURTON on the other side.

busy week here.

we've been given a possession date for our house, house, house.  june 22nd.  it's coming fast and furious.

the kids posed for a picture before church last sunday.  it was nice out, eli was wearing his seersucker, there was still snow on the ground, but hey, that's ok.

i finished a little baby boy quilt for our friends who just lost their little girl.  what a blessing to have a new baby enter their lives as their daughter has left.

i hopped on a plane on monday and spent about 48 hours in los angeles.  stacey, lisa, emily and i hit the coldplay show.  it was a goooood time.  it was really quick, but it gave me a good break from the daily mom gig {which really isn't that difficult, but testify moms, it's a rare and welcome occasion when you can travel alone and don't have to worry about anybody but yourself, no??} needless to say, i came back feeling ready to roll again.

eli had a cub car rally this weekend.  it was on a stake level, so there were lots of boys.  it was well organized and eli had fun.  he came in 5th with his alien invader car.

things around here are getting green.  we had the classic freak snow storm today covering everything with heavy, wet snow.  tonight it is mostly gone with just slushy spots left around.  good moisture.  i decided to start finishing a bunch of quilt tops i have stashed away.  i've been working on my halloween quilt.  i'll have to show you that tomorrow...