Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Thursday, November 23, 2006

chase the gobbler

ok, i know that there are ALOT of pictures of cj and spencer, but as i took them, the gangster level got better and better, so i am including them all. they really need to be seen as a group instead of individually.

this morning, at 7:00am we ran the "Chase the Gobbler". i woke up with a sore throat, worser than the last 2 days, and debated for about an hour about even running the thing, but decided to do it.... i may pay for that tomorrow....
anyho, the race was really fun, spencer did it in 24 minutes or so, and cj and i pulled in around 37 minutes or so, the results will be posted online at later today or tomorrow. i came in 402th, cj came in 405th and of course spencer was about 200 people ahead of us.
in our age category (30-34) cj came in 22, i came in 33.

cj did well considering he hasn't moved that fast since he was running from the police in high school.

i went to the bathroom before the race, but as the race started and i ran by the port-o-potties for the last time for the next 5K..... i made another pitstop, and still caught up with cj at about the 2K mark......
cj will tell you he "let" me win the race between the two of us, but don't believe him.... he did a great job....

who-hoo!! we did it!!!

i was interested in seeing just how acurate my nike+ was, i was told about .36k before it was done that i had finished the 5K, so.... i think that i need to recalibrate... question: if i didn't set the weight before i calibrated for running, will that effect the distance? because after i calibrated, i noticed i hadn't set the weight....
ANYWAYS, it was a great time, a great personal challenge and we had fun!
love you all, jess

Friday, November 17, 2006

rusty hammer = tetanus shot.... and other random shots from the week

ok, weird week.
monday, we put the christmas tree up, kind of early.
tuesday, eli had an MRI on his noggin, it went well and eli was a trooper. when he woke up, the first thing he said to me was, "mom, i did it!". that is right eli you did do it! good job brave guy!
wednesday, i RAN my VERY 1st 5KM. i ran the entire thing, the first time in my life, i hadn't been so thrilled in a long time. thursday, i ran another 5KM, this time, talking to myself the last 4 minutes, telling myself NOT TO STOP, YOU CAN DO IT, blah, blah, i am sure the people on the treadmill next to me were a little worried.... got home, wanted to download my second 5K accomplishment onto the nikeplus site..... what, the nano won't work?!?!? i spent the rest of the day pushing, pleading, praying that it would start up, but alas, it wouldn't. i took it back to london drugs and a miracle occured. they took it back. so now i have a new nano, that i have to recalibrate..... OH, i almost forgot... later in the day, i was hanging a print on the wall above the sofa, and stepped back down onto the rustiest hammer claw our house owns..... i called the health link... you need a tetanus shot... nena and i went to the ER last night around 8:30, saw the doctor, froze my big toe, cleaned it out and got the shot. i am now good till 2016, what are the odds. this foot injury is really going to cramp my running style....
friday. i woke up to find my toe throbbing and 2 funny shots of cj and randy in my inbox. i guess they had to take some shots of the trees for a image, so they jumped in the set.... working hard or hardly working... ha ha

Saturday, November 11, 2006

snow day

today we took the kids out to mom and dads and dad drug them around the yard with his quad. the kids had a really good time! it was perfect weather out, not too cold.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

grandma alice

we had a wonderful day visiting with grandma alice. lisa, sandra and i went over aunt mames this afternoon and the kids played, grandma made delicious soup and watched a black squirrel eat out of a bird feeder. i got some nice shots of the kids and grandma. so good to see her, we love you lots.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

up for $ale

just a short note, we are selling the 4-Runner and the Volvo. if anybody is interested, contact CJ or I regarding the price. i will post exterior and interior photos tomorrow WHEN THE SNOW MELTS.... ugh.

eli's new ride

eli is the proud owner of his first car. unfortunately, he has already outgrown it, too big and too tall.
the younger cousins will have to zoom around in it out at grandma and grandpas.

moms retirement party

on friday night, (this is a late post), we had a retirement party for mom. she is officially done massaging. what a great acheivement! we all showed up, made personal pizzas and stood around the island and yaked. great job mom! congrats!

Friday, November 3, 2006

a prelude to school pics

eli has school pictures today. i thought i would take a few of my own this morning.