Tuesday, April 20, 2010

d-d-d-d-d DORA

tonight, fresh out of the tub, ida said her first real word other than the usual "mum" "dad" "papa" "mama" jive she's being muttering for a few months. she picked up a tube of kids toothpaste and was giggling at the cartoon character on the front.

"that is dora" i said.
"dora" she said back. ?!?!?! not once, not twice, but she repeated that name on demand until she finally hit the sack.

it was pretty much awesome.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


this may come as no surprise to anyone who actually knows me, but i have finally concluded that i am lazy. this, after many years of suspicion and flat out being told.

i am overweight because i am lazy.
i throw my clothes on the floor when i get into bed because i am lazy.
i ask eli to grab me a diaper and wipes for ida because i am lazy.
we don't practice the piano enough at our house because i am lazy.

what is the definition of lazy?

lazy: unwilling to work or use energy, showing a lack of effort or care, characterized by lack of effort or activity.

i have also concluded that it stinks to be lazy.

last night we watched "joe vs. the volcano". have you watched that lately? it is a magical quirky little film. joe, dismayed with work and his "life" is told by his doctor that he has a "brain cloud" and he has 6 months to live. he is approached by a wealthy business man who proposes he becomes a human sacrifice and jump into a volcano on a remote island. with nothing to lose, he accepts. through the process of getting getting his act together and ready for an adventure, he begins to live life again. he begins to care, show interest and live. after floating for several days out in the open ocean, joe has an epiphany :

lazy, i have decided to go jump in a volcano. i'll see you around.

you know what happens to joe right? go watch the film.

Friday, April 9, 2010


easter this year we were still in hawaii. it was good, it was bad.

the good: we were in hawaii
the bad: we missed conference, we missed having a lovely family meal with family and cousins, and kind of felt in general we missed easter. there will always be next year...

slow week, not much going on, catching up on sleep, getting back to school, working on jobs.

started a quilt for a special young lady, should be fancy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

in conclusion...

lava flow finale

we made it. we made it home. we made some memories. we had a great time. we traded super fancy perfect tans for good times with the kids.

c.j. felt like our 2 weeks there was like a giant deep breath.

i agree.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

are you sick of this yet?

hanauma bay
ho'omaluhia botanical gardens

we had a bunch of ducks following us, ida was in heaven, no fear

went to the puma outlet. 7 pairs later...
ala moana beach park

setting sun on the pier at ala moana

man, we seriously can't remember what we did day to day. we have packed our days so full, this week has been all a great wonderful blur.

hawaiian holiday, good. thinking of packing to leave tomorrow, big fat bummer.

pineapples + whales

yes, yes he is

pineapple, lots of different kinds of pineapple

dole whip
the little tiny white blob in the water is the whales we saw.

on one of our days here {can't remember which one} we stopped at the DOLE plantation where they grow all kinds of stuff but mostly pineapple. it was o.k., we took "the pineapple express" for a 20 minute train ride around the joint, ate a dole whip, bought the best peanut brittle in their gift shop, then c.j. and eli ran through their pineapple labyrinth. c.j.'s last words to me before he entered was he hoped he didn't run into david bowie in some fancy pants in there...

anyho, later in the day as we were driving up the coast i looked out and saw whales spouting water into the air. it was fun and pretty fortunate to see.

Friday, April 2, 2010

PCC x 3

tonga, one of my favorites.
new zealand, very favorite.
samoa, these guys had FUN. best performance and would toss their canoe guides into the water every time.
tahiti, colorful and we couldn't believe how fast they could shake their hips. amazing.
weaving a fish
their best new zealand face
ida + the idol
samoan scaling palm tree
standing in line to get a refreshing drink. which one is c.j.?
last night we got home late from our 3rd visit to the polynesian cultural center. you heard me, 3 times. we saw all we could see, visiting every village some of them twice. our very favorite was new zealand. the message and music was beautiful and we all felt the spirit. i filmed a few of the village presentations so we could have a get together with the cousins when we get home so they could experience it for themselves too.

i could blab on, but i think i will hit the beach {we have only been down there twice}.
be back tonight with more.