Monday, February 27, 2006

back to normal

fhew, the olympics are over, pinky-dinky-doo is back on the cbc, and cj is sacked out in bed. i feel like we have been living this strange life, unscheduled, up to late and cj as a working-zombie. but today is monday and i think the madness is over.
cj had a really great time with the folks from the ad agency that was up from arizona, they loved him and they had all these mutual connections, so crazy, such a small world.

cj just took eli to the doctor, ANOTHER ear infection, poor dude, he is kind of out of it and chilly.

our book-keeper was just here again, to finish things off, we set up a personal budget and got things rolling. so exciting.

i thought i would include a pic of cj and the 2 guys that were up, they will eventually be in a very large pocket protector all holding some sort of computer hardware? i will post the final image when it becomes available... happy monday.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

glued to my t.v.

the olympics are great, eli and i have been watching them all week, i love the cbc hd channel, it has covered all the canadian atheletes and we are just loving it. i have a renewed sense of canadian pride, watching everyone compete, i cried when the womens hockey team won gold, i was mad when the mens hockey team just lost, and in general have had a smile on my face and found myself yelling "GO CANADA GO" at the tv. it has been so much fun. unfortunately, everything else in the house has gone to pot, the laundry needs to be done, the dishes need to be washed and my bed needs to be made, ha ha ha, actually that is how it normally is, but i am just going to blame it on the olympics CAUSE I AM GLUED TO MY TV. GO CANADA GO!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

friday night in cochrane

we went out to cochrane on friday night and let the kids run around at the gym out there (i can't remember what it is called... spraylake? sawmill?) anyho, the kids had fun and the dads tried to play basketball, look at them, almost an olympic team...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

reno shots

check it out! it has been busy and mums thighs are killing her right now, but it is almost done, you will see that new white baseboards are on around the entire main floor. also the basement has been CLEANED and organized, i put a "before" the drapes and "after" the drapes so you can see the little lounge we have created down there. the bathroom is now fresh and clean and very white. it will be just great! come down to check it out yourself if you don't believe the pictures!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

blame it on taco time?

so busy, so busy.

the last 5 days, has been crazy town at cjs studio. he got word last week that, through his rep, he landed a ad job from a firm in arizona with COX Business Service. his rep sent in 2 different estimates one to shoot in L.A. and another to fly here to shoot. they chose the later. woo-hoo! they are coming here.... oh i guess that means we need to finish all the renos that we did in the summer time... uh, like in ONE WEEK. oh man.

we started on saturday and like worker bee angels, mum and dad showed up and jumped right in. i don't know HOW we would have got all the tedious tasks done without them. really. mum went crazy on the baseboards and they really finish off the entire place. dad has been painting ceilings (ugh) and he cleaned the basement floor before painting it. he made so many trips to the bathroom emptying the blackest water from off the basement floor, you would not believe it.

also cj has hired an assistant named randy. so nice and is really helping cj out. on the eli front, he has been able to play with carson and quinn for the last 2 days and is in heaven just to be around other kids and have fun. that has REALLY helped out since the poor dude gets really bored watching movies all day at the studio while we all work. thank you nena!

on the IVF front, i started a drug called SUPREFACT yesterday, 5 times a day (7,11,3,7,11), a nasal spray that is supposed to suppress all of my hormones. i have to take this until march 1st, then at that time i can knock it down to 3 times a day. it is not too bad, i had kind of a fuzzy headachey feeling all day yesterday, and at about 1:30 AM i was puking my guts out, but i think i can blame that on the taco time i ate earlier in the evening.... i hope.....

i am going to try to make it down to the studio today, and will post picks of the new AND improved status of the studio! thanks for all the help everyone, we REALLY appreciate it!

Thursday, February 9, 2006


ok, so i have a few minutes before our book-keeper gets here to help me cook the books,ha ha, so i thought i would share with you a conversation i had with eli last night while i was putting him in bed.

when we left to go to bed, cj was watching LOST and as we got into bed, eli said, LOST is dads favourite show, i said ya... then he started talking about when the baby got baptized... SOMEHOW eli must have seen the LOST episode where the baby aaron gets baptized, he talked about the baby, then he slapped my face (like how the australian lady did to the hobbit), then he talked about how the hobbit fell in the water and the bald guy punched him out. (mind like a steel trap)

then he said, why do babies get baptized? i told him that we don't baptize babies and you don't get baptized until you are 8. then he asked, who is going to baptize me? i told him that dad was going to baptize him because he has the special priesthood power.
then he said, will i get the priesthood power? i told him someday he would.

i love the questions that eli asks me. i know that when i give him an answer, he will think about it and remember it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

data entry

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i have 2 long days, well, 1 1/2 days to complete a bunch of data entry i have been putting off. all i know is that when i am done, i will be completely caught up AND will start working on my new system (new PC). fhew, the journey of the dinosaur laptop will be complete. i may have to burn it to end the madness...

cj is drowning in work, it just keeps rolling in and i think he needs to clone himself to keep things running.

e has a head cold, i ran downstairs tonight and about 5 minutes later i started calling him to come down for supper. no answer, no answer... hmmm, is something wrong? i ran upstairs to find him slumped over the back of the sofa, asleep, he just put his head down and konked out. it was 6:00pm.... i am going to let it ride, he is not feeling well, he may sleep all night.

the darn fan on my elliptical has pooped out (after 6 weeks...) and after a call to proform, they are sending me a whole new console. i hope it gets here quick, i sweat like a pig if the fan isn't on! ha ha

i am totally alone tonight, kind of wierd. as i mentioned previously, eli is out for the count and cj is working, i just all of the sudden have all the alone time. i guess my data entry is calling, more like nagging, so i better make hay while the sun shines.


Wednesday, February 1, 2006

it has begun

holy crow, they called me today! the ivf clinic called today and we are ready to start our treatment on valentines day! who-ho!
when they called this morning, i got really nervous and excited and scared and happy. i think that i would feel the same way if i won the lottery, just alot of emotions and thoughts and stuff. kind of like how hurley felt in LOST, like nothing will be the same again..... (i threw that in for all you nerd LOST-ITES) but now, i feel fine and i think all will be well.
i start a nasal spray on the 14th and if all goes well, i will start injections march 1st, egg retrevial march 12, they'll put the embryos back in by the 17th and we will know if we are pregnant by the beginning of april!?! huh?!? it is so crazy, just one big time line. it seems so simple. we will see how it plays out!