Saturday, January 2, 2010

off right

yes, it is the 2nd of january.

i made the mistake a few nights ago of suggesting to the kids go check the t.v. to look for some christmas shows to watch. then i realized christmas is long passed and we are not even in december any more. i guess that is what loafing around the cabin does to you after a few days. i have lost all sense of time and space.

new years was uneventful. i put eli down early, no countdown, he was having too much fun having a "sleepover" in the downstairs living room with cole watching ELF for the 32nd time. they finally conked out after i turned the t.v. off. 10:59 PM. then i tried to put ida down. darn this cold. every time she would get to sleep she would begin that gaggy cough that occurs when you have that cold that isn't that bad, but that urge to cough sneaks up on you making you cough and cough until you swig some water and pop a lozenge. too bad babies can't suck a lozenge and throw back water like hard liquor. instead i laid there with her, nursed her, picked her up and patted her back when the coughing hit, wiped away the spit and slobber, blowed on her face to cool her sweaty brow, then would gently lay her down and a few minutes later do it all over again. i heard the countdown upstairs, the whoops and hollers. it wasn't until much later and after the fact that c.j. came down to our room, where i was still working with ida trying to get her over the hump of the going-to-sleep-coughs that he matter-of-factly stated "happy new year". oh awesome, toot toot. happy new year.

yesterday, the 1st of january started off right however. sandra made eggs benedict, homemade hash browns with onions and bacon, sausage, waffles with raspberries and fresh whipped cream, french toast and orange juice. afterward we bundled up, drove across the frozen lake, kids skated and sledded. nena and i walked with eli and quinn on the lake around the bend. the snow was large and fell so slowly, just lazy. it was hazy and quiet. people greeted each other with hellos! and happy new years! just perfect. it was all new and amazing to me as i have never been down to the lake in the winter. it made me want to spend more time outside this year. so invigorating.

on new years eve we all sat around the fireplace {which has been burning since we got here on wednesday, morning and night, so fun!} and threw in a pine branch after we stated our best moment/moments of 2009 and what we would like to accomplish in the new year. the kids all mentioned something, then for some reason they all said "art" as their 2010 goal for the year. we giggled after that happened a few times. nervous lemmings.

highlights of the year for me? the birth of ida. the companionship of living with mom and dad. eli's baptism. moving into a new house. sewing my first quilt. getting to know chuck and sandra better. c.j.'s VISA job {the process and final product}.
what i wanted to work on for 2010? get into excellent physical and spiritual shape. make friends in my new ward. serve well in my new calling. get outside more often. be mindful. help eli make and keep some goals. keep ida on track. have self control. make sure my house is orderly. cook. sew with preciseness. smile more often. be prepared.

i guess i just got a good start to that 2010 list. here's to '10 being a good one. cheers.

p.s. i just read this through and realized i failed to mention that c.j.'s mum, dad and sister patrea flew in on the evening of the 25th and spent the entire next week eating, playing games, laughing, sleeping and eating some more with us here in calgary and out in invermere. we had a great time.

p.p.s don't get me wrong. i think my description of new years sounded a bit drab. on the contrary! we had a wonderful time out at the cabin and we had a wonderful christmas break. i guess the uneventfulness came from the uneventful dark bedroom i just happened to be in at the stroke of midnight. the evening as a whole was memorable and perfect.


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