Saturday, December 11, 2010

experiencing technical difficulties...

back of the infamous christmas quilt

front of the christmas quilt

watching the muppets "christmas carol" under the christmas quilt. c.j. was sad and cried at the end. you can tell he is gearing up for it... poor, poor tiny tim.

things in our house are frying. dead. stopped working. gonzo.

the microwave, the phone system {all 4 phones} and now the iMac in our den. it's weird, every button on the microwave works BUT the "start" button, the phones ring BUT are dead when i answer them and the iMac sounds like it is running and the apple tv is functioning BUT all it shows me is a sad black screen... this has all happened in about a 4 day span. they must have all gotten together and decided to crap out as a group. is it a protest?

i finished 2 quilts this week. 2 years ago, sandra and i started sewing a christmas quilt. 2 years ago. sheesh. i decided to finish it up, so i packaged up, sent it to my talented cousin sylvie and within a few days she shipped them back to me quilted. how awesome is that? soooo i bound them and it got put to good use. the other night c.j. and the kids watched the muppet christmas carol {according to the advent calendar schedule} and cozied up with the quilt. yes.

ok, we just had sloppy joes and it's 10:00 pm. what? too late for a sloppy joe? no. way. jose.


Stacey Salmon said...

Cute quilt. I love sloppy jones (that's what our kids call them)

Lisa said...

AWESOME quilt! When I saw them all snuggles under it I realized it was bigger then I thought. PERFECT!!! Sorry to hear about the technical revolt. What's going on??

sandra said...

it looks FABULOUS!!! i especially like the 1 plain block and that they watched a christmas movie under it.


US WEEKLY said...

when I hear sloppy Joes all I think of is Adam Sandler. LUNCH LADY! SLOPPY JOES SLOPPY SLOPPY JOES.

Anonymous said...

I want a sloppy joe right now!!!